Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Texas Hold 'em

My fave boys playing one of their never ending games of Texas Hold 'em.

I'm the one who found the game... I'm the one who taught them... but it's them who became obsessed - to the point of buying books, PS2 games, board games, dvd's.... and in Erks case watching it 24/7 on sky!

They are so funny - so much shouting... so much cheating and whining.... nothing 'poker faced' about this lot.

They play at the table, on the floor, in the garden, on a sunbed round the pool.. anywhere with a flat surface to lay their cards.

They make a big noise about how good they are.. and then Ruth walks in in whips the lot of them!


Paula said...

Great LO, love those colours.

suebaru said...

LOL! Holly (6) has just started playing...she whops her Grandy every timne!!

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