Tuesday, March 13, 2007

all scrapping suspended

Nothing new to show as I'm really busy, and all scrapping is suspended at the moment (due to decorating and works going on here). I have two.. no, three pieces of work outstanding for scissor sisters - I just hope the girls can be patient for a couple more weeks... I will catch up on DT assignments and challenges as soon as I have access again to my stash.

I'm having a break from everything right now as I'm simply under too much stress to work creatively or productively. It's not that I have no mojo... I have plenty of ideas, just no time at all to play or scrap.

A couple of problems that have been troubling me have ironed out finally, and that's a relief - and on a happy note I finally got paid for certain overdues magazine commissions dating back to December and January! Yay!! Happy dance all round!! We're still waiting for the monies owed to Carlos... but it will come. It will come.

No time for more now - missing everyone like mad - be good without me! I'll leave you with a picture of my brown eyed girl... snapped on holiday. Just luuurve that l'il dawg!

jk x

Minnie-Moo-Max. How cute is she? She was sitting on my lap and turned around... and....SNAP.....! Gotcha ....! :-)


Irene said...

Glad things are on the up girlie!

Suzanne said...

Woo hoo my cheque came too - well only a little one but still better than nothing!

We'll do the happy dance together :D

Thanks for your well wishes for the MM Idol comp too, I'm still all jittery about it all.

Maria said...

Good news about the cheque.

Hope you get some more time to yourself soon.

Happy Tuesday xxx

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