Monday, March 26, 2007

A lovely Rak for me...

Last week (I've just been too busy to blog about it til now) a friend sent me the most gorgeous Rak, just out of the blue. A magazine I've been dying to try, some really cool arty stuff I'd never have dared buy (and which I'm going to need help with) a gorge mini book kit, Cosmo Cricket Halfway Cafe papers and embellies(from this range here), a rubber stamp and other little trinkets... All very lush... and all for ME!

I was quite overwhelmed tbh as it was completely unexpected, and too wonderful for words, and much as I'd love to thank her on here, I get the feeling she'd rather I didn't go blurting her name out.. so enough to say thank you sweetie, for my fantastic present and for such a lovely surprise :-) SO very much appreciated, you wouldn't believe.

This weeks projects round the house are fitting lighting outside, floor laying in hall and kitchen, and floating shelves in the bedroom. And the best bit....? I'm not doing any of it... Yay!
Work is still manic - even more so as we have one off as her dad died suddenly last night, another who lost her Mum in Law on Saturday, and another who's marriage is breaking down... I feel so badly for them all. Makes me feel ashamed and humbled for all my grumbling and whining.
I've ordered a kit - it's my reward for all my hard work of late, but boy was it difficuly to decide which one to choose. It's from a US club, and they seem nice peeps tho I've never ordered from them before, but the kit looks divine and I can't wait to see it IRL. I never realised there were SO many kits on offer now... how does anyone ever know what to buy? I used to have about 3 regularly, but gave them up ages ago as I couldn't afford it. Now I just buy the odd one here and there, as and when, but let me tell you - if i had the dosh, I could take 6, 10....possibly 12 a month no prob! Never seen such choice.. oh, for some spenders... :-)


Paula said...

What a lovely thought from someone who clearly knew how much you needed a lift, bless her!
Gorgeous toys to play with!!
I have never subscribed to a kit as I would not know which one to get & would hate to end up with masses of stuff in colours I don't like as one of my UKS teamies did!!

Anam_Kihaku said...

glad you recieved something nice - youa re always doing nice things for other people.

**hugs** about work.

as for kits... welll i'm having a tough choice right now too :)

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