Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pencillines is live tonight with a fantastic sketch and layout from the UK queen of digi, Kate Hadfield. Gotta love Kate's work and her beautiful layout on the site tonight is no exception. I just love busy layouts so it was perfect for me and I had these cheeky photo's of Rubie on his birthday here just begging to be scrapped... ;-) Look at that tongue poking out in concentration! Lol! He's a babe, is he not?
We're off to see the little rascal very soon, and enjoy a few days of fun in the sun with him, his Mum and Dad, meemee, and all our other loved one's living on the island.
Our work here is nowhere near finished, but we're getting there and I'm feeling less stressed about it all.
Can anyone recommend a good book to take with me - Carlos always lets me buy a new book at the airport - it's one of my little holiday treats, but I haven't had time to look anything up, so have no idea what to look for.... pls leave me a comment if you can think of anything? Nothing too girly. A proper story, and something that'll keep me gripped? I'm hoping for a good few hours on the sunbed cold drink beside me, and book in hand ;-)
Have a great week folks! Speak soon
lotsa love
jk xx


Sprogpaws said...

That layout is ab fab, dahling. Absolutely love it! Wish I could do the busy look like that, t'is a definite art.

Hmm, will have to think about the book - my favourite is The Little Prince, but can't see you wanting to take that with ya!

Annette said...

If you like crime , then any Harlan Coben or Nicci French would be great but you'll probably finish it in a couple of days :) I hope you have a great time sweetheart xoxoxoxox

Paula said...

Fabulous layout & the sketch is a good one this week.

Have a great time on that sunbed. I only read historical or crime thrillers so am of no use to you on the book front but i do have brand new books by Jodi Picoult that everyone says is fantastic stuff.x

Ann(i)e said...

really love this much bright, cool, funky stuff going on!
So glad you are with us again!

Sprogpaws said...

Hope you are having a fab holiday, hun, just wanted to tell you I was missing ya!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh this is AMAZING!!!! Just love your take on the sketch Jake... it's so Vibrant & Wonderful!

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