Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to blogging - at last!

After a four month break, i'm back.

Life's been manic to say the least, I don't know how I've got through it all, or where the time's gone but after a four month break I've realised miss my blog and really miss crafting, so for now, it's back to both of them :-)

NOT that anyone will notice, so it's really just for me, but then what does it matter who sees/reads/responds anyway? It's just somewhere to put my pretties and hopefully motivate me to make some more.

Ok - off to try and scrap a page - yikes! it's been a looooog time!


jo said...

YAY!!!! I noticed! Missed you and can't wait to see you scrapping again :-) xxx

Julia said...

I've missed you Jake so I am really pleased you are back. Love your layouts too so looking forward to seeing them again. Sorry you have had such a s**t time but hope all is well with you now. xxx

Karen said...

Welcome back Jakey! I've missed you! So pleased that Google Reader flagged your post. Look forward to seeing your wonderful creations and reading about what you're up to.

Sue said...

cough cough i am here reading too :) Welcome back darling . Know how manic life is sometimes. Have missed you xx

Laura G said...

welcome back Jake xxx

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

~~Waving Hello!~~ *grin*

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