Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The (daytime) Burns night celebrations went down well at work yesterday :-) My oldies obviously can’t stay up late partying, so I threw them a bit of a do in the afternoon instead. We had Haggis with tatties and neeps which I addressed of course ;-) That came in to the sound of bagpipes...and the chef also made a fantastic Raspberry Cranachan all steeped in scotch whiskey.

We followed this with a few of Rabbie’s poems, a fun Scottish quiz, and a good sing-a-long of all the old faves to round it off. Great fun!

I popped over to Daring Cardmakers earlier and was inspired to join in their latest 'What's the Point?' challenge. I made a valentine's card, tho I won’t be able to give it to Carl now as he’s blooming well seen it! Doh!

It's my intention to make ALL my cards this year... One, in an attempt to use up some of this mountain of stash which is threatening to engulf me if I'm not careful, and two, because the car payments are gonna cripple me and I won't be able to afford to buy any !

I’ve also been trying to organise my 365 pics today on Deb’s advice – crikey, what a pickle I’m in already! Methinks that advice came just in time. I aim to be fully sorted by the end of the week - and have caught up on my weekly pages before the begining of Feb.

ok, that's it from me
take care all


deb said...

Hi Jakey - wow someone taking my advice! that never happens in my house usually!!!! Well done on you - it will make life much easier in the long run.

just a few links that might help you:- this is a free download from Becky Higgins blog on 10/1/2009 - I downloaded these and used them as the basis for my album. I 'wrote' on the journalling blocks with the text option in Picasa.


She has just produced a digital kit for 2010 365 - it is in the form of a photobook - which you just upload your photos & journalling to. It costs about $99 - but you don't pay until you order the book at the end of the year - it is free to set up now.


$99 seems expensive - but when I think how much I spent on printing out my photos, photo paper, album, cardstock etc - I am sure it was much more than that.

feel free to email me at



Lythan said...

What a fabulous card Jakey. I just love the arrow you have used! I look forward to seeing more of your cards.
BTW reading your account of your Burns "night" supper I was wondering why you were reading Jewish poetry when I realised I was just pronouncing it wrong. Well it made me giggle anyway!

SueH said...

It doesn’t matter that you’ve not played along for a while Jakey….you’re back now!
Loving the card and especially the message on the arrow, its fab.

Thanks for joining the daring Cardmakers this week.

Lynda said...

Sounds like you had a great party and the cranachan looks yummy - don't know about the haggis though I'm a bit 'funny' with food lol.
Love your card to bits and am so glad you joined in with DCM this week.

Love Lynda xxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous card and I love the sentiment in the arrow. :)


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