Friday, January 22, 2010

Ka'nt believe it....

I'm going to do something tomorrow that i've never done before.... and that's no small feat for a scaredy cat old bird like me who resists change at all costs.
I'm going to pick up a brand new car.

That's a 'New' car...



I know....Don't really go together those words, do they?
Everyone knows I'm the original banger queen... never had a decent car in my life as i've never really been that bothered what I drive as long as it gets me there, and hopefully back again in one piece. But the time has come - and with the gov't scrappage scheme, it'd be mad not to - so I'm finally saying farewell to my ancient fiesta - which I love... but with luck, also waving goodbye to all the horrendous garage bills she constantly saddles me with.

In honour of this momentous event, I made a LO to mark the occasion.

I'm sure photo's of the sparkly machine will grace this blog before very long - well, assuming I manage to make it home from the other end of town behind the wheel of something which actually goes, without mishap....

So! Stay tuned!
jk xx


Paula said...

Congrats on the new car! You'll love the reliability of it.
Great to see you back crafting again. Im pretty fed up of it all at the minute & prefer to stick my head in a book.So Im going to do a craft project based on what i read :)

Cath x said...

Lucky lucky girl!!

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