Sunday, January 31, 2010

no thank you!

it's been trying to snow again today... but I said no thank you. Have you got that mr weather man? I said NO THANK YOU!!!
ok, feel better now that's been settled :-)

So, for anyone who's interested, yes I did get the telly going. And I feel thoroughly ashamed as it was so easy. I can't actually believe I never got to grips with it before - Not that there was anything on the box, obviously...

So, I came up here and made a cute card instead. It was originally destined for CPS, but I missed the challenge deadline as something weird happened to my computer and it shut itself down and wouldn't come on again. Disaster! Carl got it going again this morning. Something about the plug? I dunno what he did, and nor do I care. As long as it's fixed i'm happy. I can't bear life without my pc. When it breaks i'm on a wobbler til it's mended again. Embarrassing as that is to admit I have to, coz it's the truth. The thought of a day without going online would kill me ha ha.

Here's my card:

Gotta love that poodle eh!

Captured this on our way home from the Downs walk this afternoon. Sunset over the fields, just a couple of minutes from our house.


Right, off to have a go at organinsing and doing my preps for my 365 album. I've had lots of help from Deb who's fantastic completed book prompted me to have a go myself. Do check hers out - her photos are amazing and her book is a real inspiration.


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