Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{LOVE} in a cold climate

With cold on the brain - it's absolutely bitter here, and no let up in sight - I decided to scrap the picture I took this morning as today's 365 photo. I was feeling a bit down. The snow's been a nightmare and I was again unable to get into work. I don't have the luxury of being paid when I'm not there so obviously I was thinking about losing money again, and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Just after Carl left (he walks) I looked out of the window to see how bad it was and check on state of the road outside. Looking down, I spotted a message on my windscreen... 'I love you' scrawled in the snow :-) Now, anyone will tell you, Carlo's not the most romantic man... but c'mon... how sweet is that? I just had to take a snap, and then I thought "why not scrap it too?"

So here it is:

{Love} in a cold climate

It's not hybrid, though it looks it. It's not rocket science either... nor cutting edge. But it's done - and as it's the first i've done in months, I'm happy. I'm back!


Jackie said...

Well I think its a gorgeous layout and what a lovely thing to find.

Now I just need to find my mojo LOL x

Julia said...

Aww that is so romantic. Love how you've scrapped it. xx

Cath x said...

OMG, just how fabulous is that, what a sweetheart! And love the LO xx

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