Tuesday, January 19, 2010

late start

So, I fiiiiinnaaally got my 2010 family calendar!

I'd wanted the 2010 Mum's Family Calendar by Sandra Boynton...

...which is the one my daughter gave me last year, but it seems they're like gold dust now and as I couldn't find that one anywhere, I opted for this one from Lakeland, instead.

Same pocket idea which I found brilliant for stuffing receipts, coupons, letters from the college with dates etc and lots of other useful bits and spaces for an airhead like me who has a memory like a seive :-)

I feel I should mention that my return to blogging hasn't gone too well so far.. the truth is I've just had no time to make anything even faintly interesting, lol. Why I imagined I would have is the question here, obviously!

Anyway, I did actually manage to make a couple of quickie type cards last night, so here they are. I made them for someone at work who's feeling really sad and down, but as I don't know her that well I haven't made up my mind which one to give her yet. I only know her predicament as she confided in me out of the blue, but from my own experience I know when you feel that way even the smallest kind gesture from a colleague can make you feel world's better. I hope so anyway.

Hopefully be back tomorrow with something more creative as I'd really like to do something crafty everyday - just to keep my own spirits up!

til later


Nura Keif said...

Love those cards, Jake:-D
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...


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Cath x said...

Thats such an awesome calendar, love the idea of the pocket! We have a family one for the first time this year which is a good investment. Fabulous cards!

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