Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bloggin hell

What the hell is wrong with bloody blogger these last few days????

I can't post comments on blogs, I can't even read comments if there are a lot of them! On Eve's I know there are comments I haven't read, but I just keep getting the little box pop up asking if I want to view things or not.... and whatever I tick, it just keeps popping back up!! Grr! And of course when it's open you can't scroll... so I am constantly stuck at the top of the comments page!

I've tried to commenti on several blooger blogs today - is it blogger - or is it ME???



Paula said...

Blogger is becoming a royal pain in the arse!
We have been given upload limits for pictures of x number of mbs. Once reached we have to pay for more space!!
So most pictures have to be uploaded as slideshows, but just watch the slide people start to charge for more slides. So much for free blogging!!!
I can't comment on some blogs it just won't let me either.

Sandie said...

Its been okay for me. Hope you can get commenting soon, and blogger sorts itself out for you.

greyparrot said...

it's been ok for me too, but it goes through phases where it is a royal pita for me and fine for others.

So sorry to read all your bad news- huge hugs from me- and yes darl- we'll hang in there together! -x-

Marjolein said...

No problems for me...... but the stuff Paula is talking about sure will be a problem if that starts happening..... Wish you good luck with everything!

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