Saturday, July 07, 2007

Trying to get on as normal round here. It's finally stopped raining - and wow, it makes a difference to your mood. The weather's been so depressing.

We've booked a little holiday. It'll do us good to have a break, and be so nice to wake up to sunshine instead of rain - if only for a week. Under fierce opposition from Carlos, I booked Ibiza, which he claims is full of foamy clubbers intent on taking over the entire island.... I don't believe him. Sure, I know they hang out round the San An area, and maybe venture up as far as Ibiza town even, but the north's always been the home of hippies and the like - so I reckon we'll fit in perfectly.

We're staying in a tiny town where not a lot happens, but it's got a stunning beach and there's some gorgeous coastal paths that take us to nearby towns in either direction, and it's near the famous hippy market at Punta Arabi, where musicans and buskers play to the crowds who flock there from all over the island every wednesday, to check out the colourful stalls and beautiful people.

Carlo's had a bit of ribbing at work from his mates who are now calling him an 18-30 wannabe, but I think he'll love it once there, and i'm starting to pack tomorrow so there's not much to be done about it now lol!! Nothing if not impulsive once my mind's made up, that's me.

My Mojo layout for last night was a bit flung together - it was hard to relax and scrap as I just wasn't in the mood for anything after all the bad things that happened, but it turned out ok-ish I guess, given the circumstances.

At Mojo, we've decided to extend the DT deadline, as we've had a few peeps say they're away etc, and as Kelly's away herself next week, so it just makes sense to give it another few days.

So! I'f you haven't had a go yet, do check it out, it's a fun scraplift challenge each week and we're looking for more than one person.. more than two even... ;-) wink nice to see what you come up with. Deets can be found on the blog here

At All about Eve our 2nd challenge goes up on Monday and it's a cracker. I had great fun making my offering even though I'd dreaded it initially - thanks Emine - I didn't want it, did I? lol!!

Anyway, the girls have come up with some really lovely work again so pop by next week and see if it's a challenge you fancy doing yourself.

Finished some work I did for a GD spot yesterday and got that sent off, so that's sorted now - Oh! and my stamps came.. yay! Got me some Art Warehouse Fresh decor, a wooden chandelier, and my freestyle alpha finally got here too. So will be playing later I hope.

Well, as the sun is actually attempting to peep through the clouds now I'm going to go into the garden and have a little tidy up. Might even get the lawn chairs out and follow it round all day if it looks like staying - I can't go on holiday like this - I'm so white i'm almost Lumo!

Have a great day whatever you're doing :-)

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