Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday... so what?

Saturday again. 2 weeks from now we'll be on hols - yippee!

Vin will be celebrating his 15th birthday... no way can my boy be that big. Oh, I know he's a lump, getting tall, growing up... but 15? Where did the time go? I remember the day he was born - course I do - there was only me and him there. Yep. Just me and my boy... all alone on the bedroom floor. And after 3 girls, it was certainly a surprise to see that this tiny new born baby in my arms was a boy. Unbelievable in fact, just like the whole thing. Giving birth alone, getting this boy... The midwife had been in twice and left me. She said I wasn't in advanced labour... oh no? Think I don't know with my fourth baby??

huh! Showed her didn't we?

Anyway. Obviously we both survived, and I made no complaint. I was just happy to have it all over with, and get on with mothering my baby.

And now here he is - a fine young man, almost grown up. And still the light of my life, even though he drives me insane being the teenager he is.... Kids! One minute they're asleep on your shoulder - the next they're taller than you, and walking out the door.

My mojoholder this week features our adorable lil Matilda. This girlie is SO cute and pretty! She has beautiful eyes, with the longest laffs... a cute lil grin, and ... dimples!!! I just LOVE dimples!

Have a great day all

jk x


Irene said...

I love Vin's birth story.

That layout of Matilda is just adorable - lots of gorgeousness in there.

Nura Keif said...

Have an enjoyable birthday to your boy!!
Love the layout there!!

Sandie said...

WOW having Vin all on your own, WTG!! I certainly get the "when did they grow up" thing, my three will be 13, 10 and 3 next birthdays.......blink and you miss it!!

Colleen said...

what a happy post!! cute LO too. she's a cutie

Annette said...

Beautifully pink LO and great pics of Vin :) xx

Paula said...

Great story about Vin's birth. They grow so fast it is quite scarey. Our office postman, Jack used to be a pupil at the school I used to clean 14 years ago & now he is 25!!
Love the layout. She really is as cute as a button.

Kathleen Pitt said...

I really enjoyed looking at your blog, and this post especially :) I love your scrapping style!


Oh yes our babies grow up so very fast. My daughter is 14 and heading to high school. Scary!!! Thanks for commenting to my blog and my age...another scary thought!!! LOL. Take it easy! And Thanks for the great work on "all about eve"!!!!!

Ann(i)e said...

ah the "then and now" pictures!!!
happy bday to your little (ok, not so little) man!!

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