Sunday, July 08, 2007

Challenge number 2!!

All about Eve unveils it's 2nd challenge tomorrow!

And my, those two weeks have flown... Personally, I've had a lot of stuff happen in that time and the most important thing - losing my friend at just 50, so suddenly and without any warning - has only endorsed my feelings about being part of this blog. It's made me realise just how important is the idea that we women, we scrappers and family book keepers, should be paying more attention to getting ourselves inside those family history books - while there's still time to do so.

Chris, my mate and colleague, was a girl who loved to take photo's. Her daughter bought her a new digi camera for Christmas and the first day back at work we both brought our new toys in to compare and admire them. I know that most of the pics she took were of her grandkids and family, because when it was her birthday party, we had a helluva time finding photo's we could use for a collage. Most of the ones eventually came from others - she had so few of her own.

I don't imagine I'm ever going to feel comfortable being on the wrong side of the lens, but I'm making an effort to accept that while I may not think I look great in pictures, or have anything interesting going on, my family probably don't feel the same.

My sister and I mourn the lack of photo's we have of our own Mum, and I'm determined to make sure my kids never end up feeling like that. So while my Eve layouts won't always be a facial portrait or posed shot, I will at least try to inject the spirit of me into my work.

As far as this week is concerned, we've had some fun with it, and we've got a fantastically talented guest joining us too, so check the blog tomorrow and please do join in if you've got time. We had some fabby links left on the blog, and received loads of lovely work by email too - we don't mind how you share with us and we love seeing your interpretations!

You can see our fave's from the last challenge up now and challenge 2 goes live tomorrow :-)


Paula said...

Im busy trying to scrap pictures of me as a child, there are a few but hardly any of my mum.

Marjolein said...

So sorry to hear about your friend... live is so hard sometimes, she was way too young!
Hope you find strength to go through this.....

Just wanted to pop in and say I loved your Eve LO.... actually I had the same sort of idea, but I will try to make it different:-))

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