Friday, July 20, 2007

how many days...?

Well, quite a few, actually.... Since I last blogged, that is. Not like me really, but I've had a lot going on and haven't had the time to get on here and update.

So what's new... well, I took my dad for his pre-ops last tuesday. Only sat around the L&D for about 5 hrs, so not bad I spose, but it's done now, and his op is next week, all being well.

I've been very busy making layouts and stuff - so busy that I actually managed to knacker my hand trying to do too much at once, and i'm paying for it now with an extremely poor paw. Had to go to the doc's yesterday when my right hand (yep, I'm right handed...) blew up like a balloon and I was in so much pain around my thumb and wrist area that I wanted to cry. Seems I have acute extensior tendonitis - which is a friggin sore hand to me and you. Thing is - I even know how I did it. I was cutting with blade and mat... blunt blade, thin paper, so pressing very very hard to avoid tears... between gripping tight and pressing down, i've aggravated the tendon and boy - does it kill. Got some very good tablets tho and anti-imflammatory/painkilling gel and with some rest the doc reckons it will be alright. He did say tho - NO SCRAPPING!!!

The man jests..... surely?

This is this weeks
mojoholder layout - and it was was done before the injury - honest:

I also have some more stuff which I think will be on view tomorrow... :-) which I did for some very talented friends of mine :-D and you can see that on a fabby inspiration blog, and no, I have no sneakies.... bad enough typing with my left hand only, without trying to use the scanner or camera single mitted as well!

Mojoholders will be announcing our new DT teamies within the next few days - though how we're ever going to pick just one or two I do NOT know... The stuff we've had in is so gorgeous. I want you all!

And talking of entries, the work we've had in in response to our last All About Eve challenge, 'Age' has blown us away! You ladies are phenominal! Trying to choose our faves has been so hard, because the work is great and it's wonderful to see how many of you have played along considering it's only our second challenge. Thank you each and everyone of you. We've set them up in a gallery - and believe me - they are an impressive sight. Lots of ooohing and ahhing from the eve's camp this last week or so I can tell you.... lol!


Stacy said...

I love this LO Jakey!!! fantastic work as always :) I really need to start doing the Eve challenges!

Paula said...

Hope the hand is better soon. You can have poorly digits when your on your hols!!

Annette said...

Gorgeous LO Jake :) Did you make the buttons yourself? They look great xx

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