Monday, July 23, 2007

Anyone got a minute they can spare... if I get enough, it'll give me an hour :-)

Lots of things:

First - the weather scuppered something cool for me.

Nice. And up to now I wasn't even taking it personally....

...but due to the vile conditions, someone dear went through unimaginable trauma... which in a strange way managed to reflect on me! It's funny how everything that happens has a repercussion for so many others - even if in a minor way. Like ripples on a pond I guess....

- how profound, and for so early on a monday morning.... lol!

Seriously, I'm just so glad that the lovely lady involved is ok, her family is ok, and I hope the event doesn't leave too many horrible scary memories in times to come.

As for my involvement - pah! It's as of nothing.

I'm still running about like a headless chicken at the moment - even though I'm supposed to be doing nothing. The hand however is healing nicely without the prescribed rest, so with a pinch of luck, I might just meet my commitments, get everything else done, sort my Dad's hospital stay out/transport problems out, get packed, and still actually get to the airport on time next weekend.

Scrapnews - at MOJO we spent a few hours trawling galleries and poring over layouts, and finally settled on 7 people to add to the DT! yes... seven. Lol!! We actually wanted four - but they were all just TOO good! So, seven it is, but as there's only four of us now, this'll round it out nicely, and take the pressure off if anyone needs a week's break or goes on holiday or whatever. Check the blog for the list of names... followers of the challenges are going to be in for such a treat in the coming weeks - we have star quality designers on this team. The work's going to be amazing!

At Eve, we have picked some favourites from the Age challenge, and they are now up on the blog -These you must see! Incredible work came in - you guys are awesome, and we thank you so much for taking part and making it all so rewarding for us. As a blog, we're not trying to set the world on fire... we have fun, chat a lot, and throw out a challenge once a fortnight. If no one played, we'd still be having the crack with it - but the response was out of this world, and we thank you talented souls for taking the time to share your ideas and creations with us - WTG girls!

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Irene said...

Everyone seems to be having their trials at the minute. Afraid that I can't spare you any of my minutes but can join you in the headless chicken routine.

And yes, Eve is more fun that I could have imagined even though we chat way too much!

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