Saturday, May 30, 2009

such a bad blogger... but who cares... who reads...? lol

The weather's been LOVELY! well, the last couple of days anyway, and the sun's out again... Yay! Love it!

Today i'll be doing tubs and pots of pretty flowers - and maybe some donkey work too, as I want a patio at the top of the garden and as we've no money, we'll have to do it all ourselves. We've been claiming bits and bobs from fellow freecyclers, like slabs and stones etc as it's really really got to be done on the cheap and we're hoping to pick up a few more slabs this weekend, fingers crossed. Then maybe we'll have enough for the job.

My mojoholder LO this week is a bit mad, but I love it!
Wild colour and brilliant doodles from my fave digi queen, Kate Hadfield. I've used bits from a brand new collab kit by Kate, Gina Miller and Rachel Young called Backyard Bliss, and you can see it at the Lilypad. It's a massive kit and perfect for all your splashy paddling pool type pics... and I hope we all get HUNDREDS of those shots this year!!!! ;-)

Bring on that sunshine, eh girls!

Right, got a big bag of compost calling my name! Hope you all have a gorgeous sunny day and brilliant weekend!
hugs from me!
jk xxxxx


Bekka said...

* looks around *

I read! and of course we care but on the otherhand all this lovely sunshine - we should all be out enjoying it :-D

Love the lay out - so vibrant

Good luck with the Patio



Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I read & care too! *grin*

Looking forward to the patio pictures.

Karen said...

And I read and care too!

Wasn't today a scorcher? Hope you got your pots and tubs and patio done.

suebaru said...

Ahem,I read! But hey,who wants to blog when you could be in the sun?!

deb said...

I read! and I am always inspired by your bright & cheery layouts. Keep on blogging!

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