Saturday, June 06, 2009

quite a week!

we got a lot done in the garden - but as it was so terrible before there's still a looooong way to go. I will get pics if it stops raining.... at least my new plants are getting a good soaking in.

I felt ill for much of last week which was a complete pain in the bum as I have no time for such things. Too much to do to waste time feeling rough so I soldiered on, and i'm fine again now :-)

At work I've been making loads of cards to sell at our fete, but again no piccies. Last time I took my camera to work it ended up broken, and i've never liked the replacement... i'd give my eye teeth for my old fuji back, but you can't get them, the model's been discontinued and they're like gold dust on ebay. what a bummer.

Did my mojoholder late as I had various meetings yesterday and ended up missing the deadline. It's up there now though. We lifted Danielle Flanders who is one of the most talented people I know. If you haven't checked her blog/galleries you're in for a real treat.. Layouts, cards, altered whatnots.. there's nothing this girl can't do well. Her work is just SO lovely! I always leave her blog in complete awe lol!

Anyway, here's mine: Shame it hasn't scanned too well. The piccy's a bit poor too as my dd's camera is failing but Jenna looks so adorable and as Sherry Steveson says, you can't let a poor pic stop you scrapping it!

It is one of those LO's that really does look so much nicer IRL, but I can't get the colour and contrast right, and I can't be bothered to keep trying.

Sarah did us a fabby sketch, and there's loads of takes on the original from my teamies on the blog.

That's it from me for now
happy bloggin

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Debbie said...

Stunning layout - love the colour combo and Jenna is too cute!

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