Sunday, May 03, 2009

right... there's this thing about blue paint...

...and the thing, is this. you shouldn't ever, ever, look down the nozzle of a bottle of clogged acrylic paint while squeezing it....right? You have to trust me on this. You just shouldn't. Okay?

So, I was extremely lucky in this instance.
It didn't ruin my LO - but nearly....
.... soooo bloody nearly!

Anyway - as you can see - the LO escaped unscathed, even if I didn't.

This has been a completely fun LO to make (paint incident notwithstanding) . I just LUUUURVE kate's alpha - it comes in green and blue, and I love the wishy washyness of it. I can see me using it a lot. If you want it, it's on sale at the lilypad - here.

Other than getting plastered this weekend - last night at the Berry's ;-) and today in my own scraproom... nothing much has happened. So, it's goodnight from me... and goodnight from them - the one's who snigger each time they pass me.... blue is a hard colour to wash out, y'know.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

You know ... green paint is not that easy either. ;) :D

Claire aka Feline said...

Gorgeous layout and damn the blue paint lol xx

Mel said...

Jakey - note to teachers on Blue marbelling ink would be good too... make sure the top is on before squeezing too hard.... or a head to toe covered child will follow (and yup - it was mine!!! Daisy had blue hair and forehead for a couple of days - wrote off a shirt and pinafore and as near as damn it did her winter coat too.... hohum!)

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