Tuesday, May 05, 2009

clearly can't leave the paint alone....

... however much trouble I get into with it.

I made this for It's A Creative World - great fun and completed the whole thing in less than an hour. Okay, I cheated - I'd already cut the ballerina's out, but you could maybe cut them while waiting for the paint to dry if you got a wiggle on.

Jazzing up a plain picture frame is a doddle using digital doodles, printed and cut out.

Images by Kate Hadfield.
Ballet slippers

by Jacque and Kate available from the Lilypad.

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Ballet Slippers Painted Papers

I decorated this frame in less than an hour - cutting the digi images takes a little while - and some patience, but you can do this while you wait for the paint to dry on the frame to save time.

The plain pine frames cost next to nothing in Ikea, I think a set of three was under 2 quid.

Frame 001

First paint your frame. I used a pale pink, so I only needed one coat. A darker colour might need two. And no... I didn't squirt it all over the room this time... I have learnt! ;-)

Frame 002

Then I dry brushed the frame all over with a deeper shade of pink.

(*note to self* messy bottles - what a slob)

When dry, I used a Krylon leafing pen in silver to outline all the edges. Don’t try to make this too neat, a randon line looks better I think – and takes way less time!

Frame 003

Next attach your images using sticky pads for dimension, and finish the frame with some stickers and perhaps rubon’s. I used the word precious…. Coz that's what she is!! :-)

Frame 016

Apologies for poor photographs, it was late - I was late, and I hate my camera. ok?

Ohhhhhhh........ and I have a WINNER for my goody pack for the
NSD Magistical Memories Blog Hop!!

I really just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who joined in, hopped around, left lovely comments on my blog (never had so many before.... lol) and generally had some fun with us over the weekend at Magistical :-) I know I and all the DT, enjoyed reading your messages, and I believe most of us have picked our winners now - and you will ALL be entered into the GRAND DRAW for the ipod nano! Crystle has a mammoth task ahead, compiling her list from all our lists, so bear with us... might take a few days... lol!

Anyway - here on my blog I used a random number generator and came up with unlucky for some number 13.... unlucky for some - but not for JO - Congrats Jo! - i'll be contacting you shortly for your addy hon to get your kit out to you.

thanks everyone - and don't be a stranger!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

So sweet and fun. And she is precious indeed. :)

Julia said...

I love this frame Jakey. I want to do this for a very special Aunt of mine, not sure it will be a ballerina one though as she is coming up 93 and I think her dancing days are over. lol.

jakey said...

lol Julia... some of my old dears could dance my legs off... and they are over 93!!

Have a peep at kate's doodles tho - she has loads of gorgeous designs that would be lovely on a frame. My next task is making under the sea frames for my middle dd for her soon to be born baby boy. He's having a sea themed nursery and I have my eye on some fab fishies! :-)


Paula said...

Loving your adventures with the paint. It is very addictive! I am messing around with Rangers Acrylic Dabbers smeared & stippled over the top of Alcohol Inks at the moment & getting some rather scrummy results.

Bekka said...

Love what you have done with this Jakey! Well worth the paint challenges!!!!

Look forward to seeing the next ones



jo said...

Woo-hoo!!!! Thanks so much hun. Will drop you a line in a bit :-)
Funnily enough 13 is my lucky number as it's my birthday!! xxx

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