Saturday, May 23, 2009

good day sunshine!

Yay! At last a bit of sun!

I do feel it's been a pretty dark old road lately, but at last we've got a break in the clouds, metaphorically and for real. Things are looking better! :-) hoo bloody rah!

I even managed to get this week's mojoholder challenge completed in the nick of time because I wasn't at the hospital yesterday for as long as I thought i'd be - and the news was better than expected :-) so it was a pretty good day all in all. All I need now is for a few of my other problems to resolve and hopefully life will pick up again. Fingers crossed!


Sarah's sketch

If you want to see the original layout - a lovely design by Marix Marte, you can see it on the blog, along with the rest of the DT's interpretations.

Oh, just before I go I wanted to pop this on here even though I haven't managed to find the photo i'm looking for yet to use it myself... and don't you hate it when you know you have the perfect photo - yet the darned thing refuses to be found?? Grr! Anyway - anyone looking to scrap potty training pics might like this:

Big Kid Now

I would say our Kate's come up trumps again but i'm not sure trump is a particularly good choice of word in this instance! lol!

Thanks for popping by - got to dash now as we have a million things to do, some slabs for the garden to be picked up ... and later we're off to a barbi - don't you just love sunny days?
hugs all

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Benga said...

Hey Jakey thanks for the feature on Mojo Holder really appreciate it. Sorry to hear about the illness in the family, I know it's really hard, coz my mother is also very ill. Hang in there.
Take care.

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