Friday, May 08, 2009

how much is too much.....?

......Sometimes not a lot it seems. Sometimes even a little bit is way too much lately. Just like the straw and the camel I feel i'm in danger of serious overload... like when you pickle your computer by having all these windows open and giving it too many commands... and it just freezes up on you and refuses to do anything - even shut down. Yeah, that's me, data overload of the first order. Wish I could just reboot myself or restore my system to a previous time when I had less worry, less probs and less crap going on in my life. Now that would be good. Really good. I used to tease Jazz she was an android. Too often lately I wish her mother really was.

In an attempt to cut off the other day I sat quietly by myself and made a few cards. Sadly, two are for people in my family battling serious illness, and the other I madejust because. The first two I used a template to cut a flower shape in acetate and lined one and doodle dotted both with sharpie pen. Nice effect I think.

And this last one is purely scraps but I like it - I love flowlies of any kind.

I don't know why I don't make more cards, I love using up scraps and bit and bobs and while i'll never win any awards I do enjoy it, and lord knows there's no room in this house for any more scrapbook pages that never get looked at - at least a card will be viewed by the recipient on arrival and hopefully enjoyed - if only briefly.

Anyway - gotta go, still got my mojoholder LO to do for tonight and it's gone three already.

love me.xx


Bekka said...

Sorry the world is throwing so much at you at the moment. I hope it gets better soon.

I love the cards and especially the acrylic flowers - they look fantastic :-D

Hope to see you soon


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

In this case: Thinking of you Jakey. Sending love and good wishes.

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