Thursday, May 21, 2009

Magistical Memories challenge - to use the word MOM in a creative way.

So, a layout about my lovely Mum, who I miss everyday...

' have just one more 'mom'ent with you...


If we had one more day together what would we do? Would we go somewhere…assuming you were well enough? Or would we get a film, get some picknmix, a little tinny and watch the telly? Laugh at your fave shows... all the silly one’s you loved. I can see you now, rolling up at Father Ted, or Mrs Bouquet, or whatever her name was… you loved them all. Perhaps we’d go on an outing. Take a boat trip maybe… feed the customers? You always enjoyed that… we’d get some shrimp, break up bread and bask in the sun…Or would we just sit together, play games, talk… reminisce… I don’t know Ma… I don’t know what we’d do.
I’d do whatever you wanted to do. Whatever made you smile, listen to Bob Segar, sing along… I’d do anything to avoid playing that famous final scene.

But listen to me… "if we had one more day together!"

One more day…?
I’d do anything for one more moment.

I’ll never stop missing you, my little ma. Not for a day, not for a year…Not even for a moment.

I highlighted the letters 'mom' in moment with a metal snap. Not that I use the word MOM - to me it's an American term and in our family it's MUM, but my own mum was always Ma, or little Moshie to me.


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Scrappy~Sarah said...

beautiful lo :)

Bekka said...

Fantastic Lay Out - and the journalling makes me want to give you a big hug!

Thank you for sharing

Sue said...

Miss Mu mum so much too...Wonderful wonderful LO darling xx

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