Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lord of the Rings.. and other things...

Today we'll be having Grandson no 1 round to watch Lord Of The Rings. Hot dogs and popcorn and coke... just him, Vin and Grandad... A 'we are mens' day. Grandson no 2 got wind of it recently when he was over visiting and decided he might like to join in.... coz he's not scared of monsters and stuff... and the hot dogs sound good... Bless him, he's only four, and in my book, far too young for LOTR - far from being scared of monsters - he'd be terrified. I was terrified! lol! But anyway, it's not an option.. he's four hours on a plane away... back in sunny Lanzarote where he lives - lucky boy.

So, today it's the big guy. He's just turned 10, and my men think he'd enjoy it. I hope so, because he's staying with his other Grandparents tonight, and they won't thank me for a sleepless night if he has nightmares!

And... this leaves me free of course, to craft.... ;-)
ha ha, I'm not as stupid as I look... but you knew that anyway :-)

Last night's Mojoholder challenge was to scraplift a lovely LO by Chris Millar
and you can check out her layout and the DT's interpretations on the mojo blog.

My hybrid LO - featuring my grandkids, all together for once at a local farm recently. The cousins LOVE being together and have so much fun. It's great how well they get on considering they see each other so rarely. I wish we could all live together in the sunshine somewhere but there you go.... you can't always have everything you want, can you?

And Sarah's sketch:

And these are the elements I used to embellish my LO.
Harvest Hayride by Kate Hadfield at the Lilypad. Gotta LOVE those chooks!! :-)

If, like us, you enjoy visiting local farms have a look at Kate's store - loads of farmy vehicles, tractors, animals etc.

Anyway - gotta run. Need to prepare the cinema and treats ;-)

have a great day!


Chris Millar said...

Hi Jakey! I just followed your link from my blog stats and was delighted to see that you've done the layout!! And what an awesome job you have done with the sketch!!! Just love your layout!!!
And you spelt my name right - bonus points for you!!!!LOL You do fabulous work!

Edleen said...

great layout Jakey! miss coming to your blog. hope you're well and Happy Mother's Day :)

hayley x said...

hi mum just a quick note really, took me a while but i have seen the frames and they are lush i love it so , yes spidey will love soem fishy ones for his brand new bedroom, just my hope my lil tiddler loves fishy's as much as his mum lol
6 n half weeks and counting
love from the round one xx

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