Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New beginings...

I've been a bad blogger of late. I can't seem to find the enthusiasm or time that used to see me blogging on a daily basis. Yeah, I've been ill. I've been rotten tbh, and I've also been mega busy at work and stuff, yet nothing's really changed... so where's my spare time gone? Huh? Who nicked my bloggin time?

Ok. New years resolutions:

1-Try to find time to update
(Or - try to have something even slightly interesting to post - might be more appropriate here...)

2- As last year, make a layout/project using each one of my many LD Alphas bought and paid for over the years, and largely unused. Most NEVER used, not even once... Realistically, I won't be able to post everyday with something new, but i'd like to, so who knows...

3- Get to grips with this bloody ROBO! Just cost Carlo too much of his hard earned dosh to waste it... I simply have to persevere.

4- Be as good as I can, as often as I can. Apply this to everything from foods and drinks to the way I live my life. This doesn't mean I won't still be a sarky cow - I will. It just means i'll be making better, healthier, kinder choices, and hopefully, stop being so self destructive.

5- Do more. Just do more... of everything... Well why not...?
Be more creative, get out more, take an interest in more... get out of the rut. That's what I mean, I think... Kick the rut.

Alright - Moving On......Me and my boy. I just love this fella, beast that he is.

These were taken before christmas, at my sister's in Cornwall.. hence the ridiculous title. In fairness, this was a very rush job, done for Mojo when I was stressed and ill, and unprepared. But it's ok - captures a moment I guess ;-) It was also the first time I cut a title with my ROBO and though it's pant's it has broken my duck. All I have to do now, it do it again... lol!

So - Santa brought lots of nice goodies to our house.

Vin got his new longed for 30w Marshall amp. HAD to be Marshall, of course. He also got a Jim Dunlop Cry baby - and not just any cry baby either, but the creme de la creme that has 6 effects. And yes, these new toys have improved his sound immensly, proving it's not what you've got - but also what you've GOT!

He was also lucky enough to get a stocking stuffed with new clothes including a Bullit for my Valentine T, jeans and other grungy gear. Slash's autobiography, lots of (awful) cd's; and dvd's, inc the one of nana's demise ( Royale family), and Nirvana unplugged, Fifa 08 for the Psp, a turquoise Ipod from my sis and bro in law (spoilt brat) Games, Choc, smellies, Rock books, Kurt/Nirvana posters and calendar , and enough money to buy guitar hero 3 and the guitar, which he hasn't put down since. He still has some cash left, which will no doubt burn a hole in the pocket of his new jeans, so I think he did ok.... no complaints from his direction, anyway :-)

Carlo got his pined for electric guitar from me.... and what a beauty she is. Cherry Red (he named her Ruby) with mother of pearl flowers inlaid all along the fretboard, and a very comfortable shape. He's more than a little in love with her I think, (and so is his green eyed son, lol) . I feel quite proud to have found her, and it was me who bought his first accoustic guitar too, more than twenty years ago now. Carlo also got music, and an engraved lighter from Ruben (and Jenna) saying Number One Gram-Gram... he loves that :-). His funniest gift came from me - a book entitled : Potty, Fartwell & Knob which catalogues 'real' names (and includes verifiable sources) which has had us crying with laughter... ok, ok, I know it's very childish, but you have to read them. I defy anyone not to be giggling within seconds...

And I got my Craft Robo!!!

How badly did I want this.... and how crap am I at working it?

But I will learn - see resolution 3 above.

I also got some clear stamps, and loads of fabby scrapping books. I hardly ever buy any so it was great to get so many in one hit, and I haven't even got halfway through them yet. Some posh choc, which I've had a bit of, gorgeous slippers from donna and jon, cute socks and new pj's. A girl can't have too many pairs of pj's eh?

We had a totally fantastic Christmas (apart from being blighted by our flu bug) but really, from Jazz and Erk arriving early dec - until now, it's all been good. Proper family stuff like Christingle on Christmas Eve, Chilling by the fire, and crazy team BUZZ on Boxing day - and we still have so much yet to look forward to (for one thing it's Carlo's big FOUR O on Friday!!!)

So from this happy lil house I wish you all a wonderful New Year, and hope 2008 brings you everything you wish for, and more besides!

jakey xx


Paula said...

Hey Jakey! I'm glad you managed a great crimble despite feeling crap!
I was doing just fine on the steroids until my mate kindly passed on the last helping of fun...lol!
I'm hoping to craft more this year & try new challenges. Santa kindly brought my a BIA for my minibooks & my first job is to do my promises book but Im hanging out for the All About Eve challenge!!
Have a fabulous year & be good to yourself.You have a fabulous family, be proud & enjoy every minute of them. If it stops you doing other things sod it! You, as I, have already learnt that when the good ones go we can't get them back. So grab what we have & love them hard.
love Paula pixie.xx

Sandie said...

Sorry to hear you were unwell over christmas, but atleast you all managed to have a good time, and got some awesome gifts too by the sound of it! Happy New Year hun x

Anonymous said...

hey outwie! So glad youz had a wonderful xmas and new year... so wish we could of celebrated together!
Hope you three have a fantastic year filled with health, wealth and happiness!!! We miss you sooooo much and cant wait to see you soon but until then.....its detox for me!!!!
big hugs and a million kisses,
love jazz xxxxx

Paula Sealey said...

You got a Robo, you lucky thing:) I keep umming and aahing over one but it's a bit out of my budget:( The title you've cut looks great, I didn't know there were cowboys in Cornwall though, lol!

I hope 2008 brings you everything you wish for (including being able to master the Robo!!)

em said...

Happy New Year Jakey xx

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