Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So - day one - 1st LD layout

Lol... didn't think I'd actually make it today, but there you go. I did.

First thing I've realised, is that if I'm going to make my target of one new piece of work a day, (in addition to stuff I'm committed to for dt's, and things I just want to do), using all the LD alphabets I have ( some of which are grim, but which i'm determined to use, nonetheless...) then I'm not going to be able to spend much time on any of them or try to produce groundbreaking masterpieces or anything.

But that's ok because at this stage, i'd rather just keep on track and get the alphas used... So, with that in mind....

...here's todays LO.
Nothing fancy, but a nice pic scrapped, and the first alpha on my list is on here. It's called 12 days... and it's horrible! Lol!! I'm sure I'll never ever use it again... but it made it onto a layout, so I got my money's worth and it wasn't a wasted purchase... ha ha!

Tomorrow I'm using an alpha called Allegro. Just got to get my boys to pose and print the piccy out. Wish me luck - it's even more ghastly than todays!

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