Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sober at last......:-)

Yep, it's been quite a weekend....

Carlos Fandango turned forty..... and we all sort of went along with him, to smooth the passage as it were..... :-) Hic!!

We had a totally brilliant time and I think he enjoyed his birthday... I know the rest of us did anyway. We both took Friday off work, so pottered about making preps for later, and donzo popped in with balloons and banners and stuff to make it more fun.
The phone never stopped ringing all day (we have a lot of kids... and grandkids... and it seems he's pretty popular with his mates too...) but he only had his cards in the morning, because Vin wanted to be there when we gave him our present, so he had that about 4 o'clock after the boy got in from school. Then we gave him an envie containing details of the surprise trip to London I've booked for us for in March to see the brand new show The Jersey Boys - this is the Frankie Valli story - which I know he'll love. I've booked us into a four star hotel as well, and we'll probably do an exhibition or something on the Sunday, so we're both really looking forward to that :-D though Vin's cryin neglect lol, coz he's getting left behind!

Later everyone met here for champagne before we went off in taxi's to a big chinese restaurant in Luton that has entertainment.

This Friday (and it was serendipity, i'm sure), they had an ELVIS night... Lol!! And it was blinkin brilliant!

Everyone had a whale of a time... the kids loved it, we loved it, even Vin loved it ;-) it really was so much fun.
Sanna, Daave and Vin
Isabelle dancing on the table... well almost :-)
Mr Cool
My nutty sister going for it!

Carl and his buddy Paul
Sanna and Daave again - they know how to have a good time, these two...

The boys that make the noise...
And a bit of new York new York... did Elvis do that one? lol!

And then Donna and Jon Boy presented Carlo with his gift from all the kids.... A weekend in Amsterdam, which is something he's always wanted to do... Ahem... not very excited about it tho, as you can see.. lol!

So, we're off to that next weekend :-). Lots of photo opps there I imagine... I've actually been before many years ago, but Carl's never been, so we'll do all the usual touristy stuff... well, you have to, don't you? ;-)

And again... Vin's crying neglect!!! Lol! But we've only really had a couple of breaks away without the kids in over twenty years so I doubt the NSPCC will take him too seriously, and I'm certain he'll have a fab time slobbing at his sister's while we're away pretending to be young again...

Naturally, Carl got dinner ladied at the do... and as this is something that happens often to him, it's something i've come to expect... He must have one of those faces... gangs of women out on the razz always manage to kidnap him at some point throughout the night and only release him when they've danced him to death... Jon Boy Brown often becomes another victim, though he managed to avoid it this time... hmmm... where's your hard hat gone mate...? pmsl... So all in all, a fabby time was had by all, young and old alike....Great Grandma didn't come bless her, but she DID make a fantastic cake :-)


Scrapping wise, I'm all behind, but did just about manage my Mojo LO before all the excitement began. I was very disappointed with the scan, which does nothing for it. IRL, it's very sparkly and pretty, so I took a couple of pics to show the detail, because the scan was a real rush job and it's a shame it doesn't show up the glitter and bling.

Til next time....

hugs from me
jk xx

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Paula said...

Looks like a fantabulous time was had by all.
Great pressies.
Fab layout too! Where did you find the time!!

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