Thursday, January 24, 2008


Another week flown past!

On the one hand it's crazy... where has the month gone... but also it's good - as it's a little closer to pay day... and boy do I need that. The flaming car needs a new clutch, slave cylinder, modified pipe (what's that when it's at home??) and of course labour......a snip, I'm told, at £350 for the lot. Err hello??

Thank God my knight in shining armour has come to my rescue, but still, whether he pays it or I do, it's still costing us, and that's a lot of money. Especially when I'm starting to feel we're now throwing good money after bad. Sodding car's a nightmare, but I can't get to work without it, so what else can we do?

Scrappy stuff...? yeah, a few bits.

I've missed Mojoholder for two weeks now as everything's been so mad, but I'll be back this week, and i'm raring to go! Lol! :-)

This is my Scrapping Goodies DT work, for the January kit - now with reduced price on the kit, so do pop over and have a look at the kit and the other DT girl's work and gallery.

Carlo's big night lol, perhaps better forgotten :-)

Always loved Vin in his brown and red duffer T shirt. Now T shirts are Black. All Black. Gah....!

I'm loving Angels....miss my girlies everyday.

And a file folder mini book of our adventures in Amsterdam! Be something to smile about in a few years I expect :-)

more later!
have a great day all!
jk x


Paula said...

Oh no! Not more work! That car is testing your patience.
On a good note the scrapping will have calmed your frayed nerves.
Gorgeous pages. Love the 40th & of course the minibook. Great title on that.

ally said...

the mini book is awesome

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