Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick catch up:

*Craft wise i'm not doing much. Rather a lot going on in my life so hobbies taking a bit of a back seat. That should all change after this weekend when life will get back to normal.

* Trying to get my Mojo done for Friday night... I will actually be out of the country by then so need to get it done today, if it's to be done at all.

* Off to Amsterdam for the weekend!!! Camera and martini money packed already ;-)

* Totally impressed with my efforts at restraint and moderation thus far this year. Obviously I know this is likely to go out of the window over the weekend, but even that's not bothering me. I know I can get back into it, so have no fear. Amazing!

* Still not done much on the CR - but again, after this weekend, when we get home, I will crack on. Advice from good friend: "Stop running before you can walk..." Duly taken on board!

* Looking forward to my Scrapping Goodies box arriving, i've seen the papers and they are fantastic - can't wait to get working lol :-)

* Managed to aquire an Epsom 1290 A3 printer, and have downloaded the drivers and manual from the net. Haven't had time to set it up and try it yet as things need to be rearranged to make space, but hopefully it will work ok, and as i've always fancied an A3 i'll be well chuffed, particularly as I got it buckshee through Freecycle!

* Loss adjusters in today to my sis and bil's house. Still uninhabitable, so they have to move out of hotel and find rented accom...Could be looking at 6 months drying out apparently... how bad can it be down there? So very very sad for them.

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