Saturday, January 26, 2008

The good the bad and the downright fugly...

ok, the good: I managed to get some scrapping done this week! yay! And enjoyed it too :-) big smiles all round :-)

First I worked on my dt kit from Scrapping Goodies and the layouts and file folder book below are from that.

Then I started my Friday night Mojoholder layout - this is it - and I love it!

I had a lot of fun playing with this, and the original from Australia's Michelle Grant that we scraplifted can be seen on the blog here.

The bad: Heard from the bank that some twat's been using my debit card to top up his /her mobile phone @ £50 a time... oh joy. I need this like a hole in the head. Luckily for me I s'pose, someone noticed the unusual activity on the card and put a stop on it. Only came to light as I was told an online payment had been declined, and contacted the bank to ask why. God knows how they got my number - I just hope I get the money back... some asshole, eh?


Lol! Not my boy, but most of his fave bands!! OMG Look at them! Just think yourselves lucky you don't get to have their music shared with you.... like I do!! Eeeek!!

This layout was supposed to have been a mojoholder layout a couple of weeks back. But I run out of time before we went away and so it's been on the desk ever since - and Vin's been at me to finish 'his' layout. Finally got it done last night, and it is one for my own personal challenge to use every one of my LD alpha's by the end of the year. This alphabet is called Alpha Graphics Hmm... hard to see the edge of the LO - note to self, ink edges next time... ;-)

LOVE the quote... so very very apt I think!


Paula said...

That is just shit! It happened to my sister some petrol station pressed her card into blue tack & had a dummy card made up. They took £1,500 before barclaycard smelt a rat!They did get them though. Hope it is all sorted out for you soon it makes you lose faith in humanity the things people will do.

Gorgeous layouts. That red & black is just WOW!! As for the bands layout, fabulous!! I like 3/4's of them on it & my belief is Kurt Cobain was the prettiest boy that ever

Kelly said...

love love love your ugly page...and lol lol about you sharing the it that bad ???

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