Thursday, January 03, 2008

HOW LATE............????

.....two hours late actually... with this layout, that is.

I'd been planning to get one a day up for my self imposed challenge to use a LD alpha a day until they have all been used at least once in my lifetime. But tbh, I got sucked into the telly tonight... Not like me, but there was this prog on called 'half ton mum'.. and i just couldn't resist the title... lol.. after watching it I did resist the cheese and biccies, and glass of cider - so I guess it did some good, even if it ate into my scrapping time. And as if that wasn't bad enough, I then watched an even more bizarrre show about reborn dolls... or babies - depending on how you look at it. me and Jazz were texting each other... like... are these people for real???? £294 pound on an outfit to bring a DOLL home in???? FFS. Sorry but it's beyond me.. found it all a bit freaky if I'm honest.

Anyway to return to the layout... it's done. The LD alpha used was allegro, though I cannibalised it a bit. I have no idea what tomorrow's one is called - I haven't looked yet. And I might get behind this week - as it's old Carlo's b'day on friday and we're out with the fam and friends for celebrations.

So, today's was late due to too much silly tv time and also because my Mojo layout for Friday took aaaaaaagges to make... (but it's a purdy one, so I think worth it ;-) ) While on the subject of Mojo, go check out the blog for a chance to win some scrumptious scrapping stash in the form of beautiful BG papers , alphas and bellies... go on, all you have to do is take part - but hurry! the comp closes soon!! Good luck!!


{monica} said...

That layout totally rocks!! Missed you on the freak lately! Hope you're doing well.

em said...

Loving the LO Jakey xx

suebaru said...

See, you still do amazing LO's even when you use stuff you don't like! I am in awe ;) !!Happy Nerw year!

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