Sunday, July 30, 2006

The state of play.

Thank heavens I've managed to do the scrapping work I promised before I went away, and also to finish the write up. Just need to pack it up in a mo, and will post tomorrow. My neighbour came round yesterday with a lovely box of DT stash from Caroline. Apparently, the postie had shoved it through my gate, and luckily the man next door had spotted it just as it started to rain! He managed to fish it out and rescue it bless him.... he said it would have been ruined for sure if he hadn't grabbed it when he did.

I've still got one article to work on and some DT stuff, but I'm really hoping to get a bit of time to scrap some holiday pics, even though I can only afford to get half of them developed, and only then coz it was free P&P.... It's been a long time since I've been this skint, and it's no fun at all. I absolutely hate being poor.

Carl finishes his last day on the 10th Aug, and already has work lined up, and although he's not at all worried about how we'll cope, I am. In fact, I'm in a right tizzy. I don't do change well, and uncertainty not at all.

Swapping and changing my jobs like I have recently has completely buggered me up tax wise too, because the last job wouldn't accept my resignation.... So the new one had me on emergency tax for weeks and they really hammered me there... and then in the end I DID decide to go back to my old employers... So... I've made a complete mess of everything for nothing. I guess I'll find a way to claim the tax back eventually... but in the meantime, it's crippled me, no two ways about it.

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Carmen said...

Lol @ you all in a tizzwazz. All will be well I bet.

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