Friday, July 07, 2006

Look at me!!

Well, how chuffed with myself am I?

I'd asked Clare to help me with some stuff for my blog, but I know she's kinda busy right now... ;-) so I guessed I'd have a little wait til she could fit me in.

What I wanted, was a slide of my layouts like I've seen on others blogs, and also a nice banner. Then I decided I hated my Pink colour scheme and wished I could have that changed.

Anyway, me being the impatient bugger that I am, I thought I'd have a go at the slide jobby. Yay!!! I managed to make one! Ok, I know it's dead easy, but when you know nothing, it's a big thing. Next I thought I'd try and change the colour... well, that took some doing, I tell ya, but after a traumatic few hours (!!) I finally made it. Nearly got the slide going myself too, but kept moving things into the wrong place and finally had to let Clare talk me through getting it up across the top... Lol!!

I did manage to get my links back though - and then - to make and add a badge of some great piccies I took at a fun family day the other week!!

So....if you walk past me now and I don't say hello don't be alarmed..... I got my head so far up my own jacksy, I can't see a thing!


Cath said...

Love love love the new style Jakey!

domestic goddess said...

yay, jakey has a blog, hi babes, off to bookmark you

jake said...

Thank you gels! :-) nice to know SOMEONE looked... RofLol!!!

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