Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Heaven's - I've been up half the night!

Even had a quick streak through my fave forum at 4 o'clock this morning... seeing as no one was about ;-0
Lol Lol Lol!!

Got so much to do today... last minute jobs, packing, shopping etc etc . Looking forward to a bit of sun though, and seeing My Guys and MeeMee.

Yay! Our fave lunch in the San Miguel Bar tomorrow in the HOT Canarian Sunshine.... Great company, A pot of fresh mussels in wine and garlic, chippies and crusty bread.... um... and a litre or 2 of Sangria, no doubt!

Oh.... Happy Days!! :-)


lemon said...

omg you made a slide!!!!!

sorry i missed you before you went but have a fab time hun

Lauren said...

Just poped in to say that I love you LO in the Speshal blog!

I'm new to the UK from Australia and love to scrap.

I hope you enjoy your day,


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