Saturday, July 01, 2006

I was there

This weeks Speshal dare : I was there.
Another round of fantastic entries.

These girls, my friends, never fail to amaze me with the incredible layouts they come up with. I think my fave this week has to be Ali's - just love the deep rich colour and really like her placement and the white words. My own entry is very typically me, from the style of the LO to the fact I'm wearing in silly clothes! Carl was recently joking about my dressing up, saying any excuse to get donned in fancy dress, as if it was a new thing..... this pic proves the reverse! :-) I will admit, I do like to go the whole hog and have photo's of us all dressed in all sorts of daft stuff over the years. This was a little pic I scanned in and had printed by snapfish. The original was quite small and discoloured. There are so many photos I need to get printed again. but that would be a job for when I have lots of time spare. Which certainly isn't now!

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