Saturday, July 29, 2006



Finally home and got a five minute breather... We actually got back couple of days ago, but had mega problems on Thursday - not a day I'd ever like to go through again - and yesterday was Vinnie's birthday, so was pretty much tied up with that :-)

However, I did manage to squeeze in time to make my contribution to the Speshal dare - no 13 already! and though it was - and unfortunatley does look - a bit rushed, at least I made it. It wasn't even quite finished when I uploaded, but we were rushing out for Vin's birthday treat so really had no time to spare. Perhaps Clare will re-post for me, now it's completed... I'll have to ask.


We went to into Luton to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and we were NOT disappointed - One word will do - Brilliant! We went for a meal first. Just Vin, me, Carl, Donna and Jon, and then trooped into the cinema feeling quite excited because we've been dying to see it since it came out but had saved it for Vin's birthday. Had a great night - we always have a good laugh with the guys, and of course inevitably Jon lost the car, and we all got lost on different floors of the multi-story trying to find it..... but we finally got home about 12ish, and Vin said he'd had a brilliant birthday and loved all his things, and we fell into bed exhausted.

Couldn't sleep though - FAR TOO HOT!!!!! At least in Lanza we had fans....


Anonymous said...

Like the layout jakey. Don't usually do boys with flowers but it looks nice here.

clare said...
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