Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh dear, I really lost it yesterday. I'm never very good when England get beaten, but yesterday was my darling little Mum's birthday, so I was already emotionally very fragile and my disappointment over the way our game went just tipped me over the edge.

Ok, we haven't played that well so far, but yesterday was the day to change all that, and I honestly feel it would have happened for us had the Portuguese not dived and cheated and robbed us of our chance. Rooney's an idiot. No doubt about it, and I've said many times that he's always going to be a liability as long as he gives way to his temper, but in fairness, they went out to get him and that wink and shusshing motion from Ronaldo will stay with me forever.

I thought I hated the guy before - can't stand his arrogance and smirking, smarmy face... but now I truly despise him.

What he did was shocking. So unsporting, and very very wrong.

On a happier note, we tried to put it behind us and carried on the tradition of making Moshie a barbi for her birthday. In Cornwall San and Daave raised a glass to her in their newly completed landscaped garden, and the girls - all together in Lanza, dined out and toasted their much loved Nanny... 'all under the same stars' as we do every year, wherever we are.

Happy Birthday to you in Heaven Ma.
We'll never forget our Posh Mosh, our 'very best friend' xx

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