Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lots of small things

1. Portugal lost - wish I knew how to put a BIG smiley blinkie on here! Loved todays headline's.... "you're not winking anymore....!" hee hee! I guess he's not, eh?

*Just had a comment fom someone who's happy that England went out... Save it for someone who's interested please* :-)

2. Busy busy busy! Still haven't packed, still haven't done all my scrapping work, but decided to basically take October off as I'm never going to make my deadlines and felt a huge sense of relief and gratitude, once that was settled. I hate rushing work and hope to come back from my hols well refreshed and raring to go :-)

3. I'm going back to my old job. There are things I like about this place, but sadly, they are outweighed by things I'm never going to be able accept - and never want to. Really need to think about the whistle blowing issue - but my conscience is clear in that I have made my feelings well known to the manager, and will speak to HO if they ask. The place is far too institutionalized, and i want no part of that.

4. Got Vin The Green Mile. He's doing it in RE at school and wants to watch it uninterrupted by idiots.... He's also reading The Talisman, and has just finished Different Seasons. I can remember being knocked out by Steven King's earlier stuff too. He's getting so grown up, and was thrilled to be picked for one to one guitar tuition on a program run by Bedfordshire Music. Wish we could afford private lessons, but there's just no way right now.

5. Donna's just text me to say they are delayed at Arrecife airport and won't be getting out of there for hours.... Should have flown early eve, then told 9.30 pm, then 11pm, and now... that they are diverted to Birmingham! So after many hrs in the stifling heat of Lanza aerporto, they have a 4+ hr flight, then a coach down from B'ham to Luton, then a drive here to Dunstable - Jeeesh!! Probably looking at 7 am tomorrow morning. She said can I can imagine her face? Lol!! Poor little mare, 6 months pregnant, two tiny kiddies, a set of in laws, Jon, and his Grandma..... my guess is she won't be the happiest of bunnies tonight. Or any of them for that matter.

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