Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Dude.

It's my son's birthday... 17 today!

He really is the most amazing kid... musically talented, with a lovely, funny personality... A good student, friendly, sensible and honest, kind to dogs and old ladies... honestly, just the sort of boy any Mum would want.... but tell me please, where have the years gone?

One minute they're a babe in arms - the next, almost grown.

I love that my boy's so individual. Proud that he has the courage to be unique, to be HIM. Amused at his quirkiness and amazed at his wisdom sometimes.
Happy Birthday son, we love you more than anything in the world. Well, fact is, you are our world... and that's a true story.

Vin's Card - had fun with this!

And a special (and talented young female friend of his)painted him this canvas :-) WOW!

ok, that's it. Got a lot to do now.

jk xx


Edleen said...

Happy Birthday to your son!!!
great card and awesome painting!!!

have a great week :)

Paula said...

Happy Birthday, Vin! Fabulous card you created for him & I love his gift from your talented friend. He will be stoked with these.
Hope you have a fab day.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Vinny. Love the card and the canvas

Can I tag you Jakey?

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