Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lifes a beach....

.... in my dreams.
In reality it's pee'ing down! Nice weather in July...

Still, I have a summer holday day planned for my resi's today as most are far too old and frail to be able to actually get away to the seaside anymore. I've booked a traveling theatre to come and they're bringing a show called 'Summer Holiday Abroad', which I gather entails lots of quick change as they jet off round the World singing songs and acting small sketches from each place on their stopover. We've had them before for Panto's and stuff and although not cheap, they are brilliant, and best of all they stay and chat and have a cup of tea with the oldies afterwards which they all love... Hobnobbing with ACTORS - Oh my...! ;-0

I've coaxed the staff onto bringing in sunhats and sunnies so we can all get into the spirit so looking forward to a fun day today... pix to follow!

Last year my boy spent a LOT of his life on various beaches.... good for him, but such a hard life for a young man eh...?

Digi/Hybrid elements by Kate Hadfield. - Sandy Toes Kit - the lilypad.

Anyway must dash, gotta look for my lei and grass skirt ;-)
later! jk xx

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