Sunday, July 26, 2009

the best there is....

...the best there was... and the best there ever will be!
Brett the hitman Hart's battle cry... as any fan of American wrestling will tell you. My boys are fans. Carl's mate Paul's a fan... they're all going to Wembley to watch TNA, so as it was Paul's birthday barbi yesterday, and the birthday treat was the TNA trip I thought i'd make him a card styled on his hero, Brett Hart.

If you know wrestling you'll know Brett's colours are black and bright pink. He wears a heart on wings on his costume, and Kate & Jacque just happened to have the very thing I needed in this kit Pretty in Punk. Paul loved his card bless him, but he loved his surprise even more. This is the reacton (how staged) lol.... pair of wallies!

We were also celebrating another birthday yesterday, Sue's 50th. This is the card I made her, again using Kate's digi stuff to make a hybrid card. Her fabby doodles are brilliant for cards and invites and things so as i'm not doing much scrapping lately i've been using them on cards instead.

Anyway, enough from me.
Thanks for dropping by.


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Bekka said...

Lovely cards Jakey - looks like the boys were having fun too :-D

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