Monday, July 27, 2009

mojoholder 119

Forgot to put up this weeks mojoholder LO. We lifted a great page by Marjolein, and you can see the other girls takes on the blog, plus a fab sketch by Sarah too.

Here's my LO. No digi elements today but I did use some Magistical chipboard. This is from the new release and it's called antique filigree, painted and inked.

A recent pic of Vin who turns 17 tomorrow, and who this summer is growing into the person he's going to be more and more. Can't say it's not without trauma sometimes... but there you go. Kids grow up whether you want them to or not. And he's not the worst boy in the world by a mile. Love him to bits however much he drives me insane on a day to day basis!

At work, 3 people are down with the swine flu and it's kind of like a ticking bomb... everyone's just waiting to see who gets it next. At the mo it's only staff affected... no resi's thank goodness, but who knows.... by tomorrow? Under advice, we are quarantined - no visitors for a week which will be tough on the residents and the families. Also, as people go sick it gets tougher and tougher on us remaining workers, with everyone doing more to cope with the lack of staff. Personally, if I'm going to get it I want it like NOW. I don't want anything to stop me getting on that plane for my holiday and my first glimpse of our brand new baby boy - to say nothing of my girlies, the rest of my fam out there, my grandkids... and my meemee. God, I love that pup and miss her so much... when will I get a doggie of my very own? and could anyone replace minnie in my heart?

Anyway, one tired lady needs a shower, soooooo... more tomorrow. Maybe.

hugs to all

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Muckyfingers said...

Happy Birthday Vin :)
Love the LO and the Kate-Cards below too xx

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