Saturday, August 01, 2009

dark clouds looming (silver lining maybe?)

I was hoping for sunny weather as I have a lot to do outside - but no such luck. As a matter of fact we need nice weather so we can EAT outside! Our table - our entire dining room - is engulfed in kitchen fitments awaiting fitting.... not much fun but there's work to be done before they can go in.... and well... i've just got to get on and accept I guess, so no good moaning. That said, I hate eating off my lap in the living room... so need the weather to be resonable so I can eat al fresco - even if it's with my coat on lol!

I tried for insp from daring card makers and joined in with their challenge to make a card with pretty edging... got it done, but forgot to upload and link... doh!

Anyway, it was fun doing the scalloping :-) and I have another card now for my 'just in case' box.

I hope to have a go at this week's too - not that I play bejewelled blitz or whatever it's called on facebook - but only because I have an addictive personality and I wouldn't dare start something else that might steal my (too little) time! I waste too much time on there already.... No, I just fancy having a go at something glitzy and sparkly :-) So thanks to the girls for the idea.

OK, garden jobs now
thanks for popping by
jk xx


Lythan said...

Its never too late Jakey! Especially when you showcase such a fabby card. I look forward to seeing one with bling on too :)

Sue said...

LOL @Bejeweled!! Me too!
Great card xxx

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