Monday, July 20, 2009

babies on the brain

With the arrival of the newest addition to our family, baby Connor George, we've all got babies on the brain! Hayley's doing brilliantly with him and is hoping to go home from hospital today. I can remember leaving hospital with my first baby many moons ago.... and I was terrified! Terrified I wouldn't know what she needed, what her cries meant, how I would cope... a silly frightened young mum with an even dafter younger partner... but we managed. We got on ok. Well, you do, don't you? And so will my girlie as she has her lil sister round the corner - an experienced mum of two, a hubby who will hopefully at least try to be hands on, and a determination and confidence I never had back then.

Good luck Lally, though I know you'll be just fine :-)

On the home front things have quietened down slightly round here and i'm feeling a little less overwhelmed than I have been of late. Sadly in order for this to happen i've had to cut back on more commitments and last week I stepped away from another DT. I will still be using MM's fab products whenever I do scrap, but at least this way I won't feel such angst if I don't have time to play with pretties and make things for them on cue.

I feel miles better now the baby's safely arrived too and it's really a great weight off my mind. I've been feeling so happy since he got here finally, and we know that all is well with him and my daughter. It's great not to have that nagging worry constantly playing on the back of your mind.

Talking of babies I made some little baby boxes to sell at the fete - plus a spare for Connor of course!

I knew our bundle was a boy, but couldn't resist making a few pretty pink ones as well... you never know, we may need them one day ;-)

Anyway, more soon,
got some tv to watch and a meal to scoff!
love to all

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Sue said...

They are is your new gandson :) :) :)

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