Saturday, July 18, 2009

tall story

I bought some card packs to make cards for the fete... and accidently bought the wrong size. Doh!

Having never been a cardmaker until very recently, I'm not really clued up on it all and just grabbed a pack off the shelf in hobbycraft without checking the size... idiot! Anyway, I couldn't waste them at hobbycraft's prices so had a go, and they're not that bad... but I'll be more careful next time!

I also forgot to take pix before the fete and lots have now been sold (leading me to the assumption that they're not 'that' bad...) but here are a few we had left over... I must say I seem to be more interested in cardmaking than scrapping lately - maybe coz it's quicker? I dunno. Hopefully I'll improve with practice. I didn't have much to make them with either... mostly odd scraps of my own, but it's surprising what you can do when you have to, or when you have a good cause.

Anyway, it's kind of late now and i'm pooped... So that's me for the day I reckon.
My pillow beckons!
sweet dreams folks!

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Paula said...

I'm very impressed with how you have utilised this size because as a seasoned card maker I just can't "do" these. They have such a large amount of space to fill & mine always end up looking top or bottom heavy. You have made these very balanced, go girl :0)

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