Friday, January 30, 2009

you know what they say about the best laid plans....

Stuff doesn't always go the way you want it to, does it?

Sometime's when you think you've got it all cracked... when you're sure you're on top of everything... someone comes along and gives you a little nudge.

Or even a clumsy great elbow in the ribs.

And umm... you fall.

Well, the only thing to do if you fall I guess, is to get back up. Even if they push you off again later, you can try and deal with that when it happens. I got a bit of a knock last week, well, maybe more than a knock... a definite elbow... So my great plans to just ENJOY life now seem slightly wobbly, but positivity will have to be the key here, and i'm just going to concentrate on that. I can't really say more now, so best I leave it there.

My mojoholder LO from last night, #96: nearly a hundred....

And Sarah's sketch

More lifts on the mojo blog

I had wanted to share a funny email my dd sent me, the Mom's song - which I sent on to some of my friends because it's so brilliant and really really funny, and if you're a mum, or had a mum, or even know a mum... you'll want to see it. But being the gwap-head I am, I'm unable to work out how to do it... So, sorry about that. Pls let me know if you want me to send it on to you though.... As one of five myself, with four of my own, I loved it.... total genius!

I was tagged by the lovely and over-talented-in-all-departments-Paula, and just want to say i'll get to it when I have time darl. Paula's answers are side splitting but I'll need a while to think on this one. I might not even make the 64 she did. lol :-D

If (like me) you're hoping to shape up this year, you might like to record your progress in LO's, a chart, or a mini book / journal; and if you would, our fave digi doodling guru Kate Hadfield has just released the perfect kit for you - LOOK BELOW

All the clip/word art you need - check it out here as there are SALES too :-)

My own diet is going brilliantly btw. I lost 2 more pounds this week, making a loss of 6lb's in two weeks now. We're going out next weekend so I want to lose at least one pound by then so I've lost half a stone :-) Wish me luck. Apart from the weight I need lots of that right now. Lots.

Have a lovely weekend blog buddies
Love to all


Maria said...

Sending you all the love and luck that I can muster.

Keep your chin up chick xxx

Sarah said...

I hope all is okay!

I love the Mom song, it's so funny. Mark has re-written it for his recruits at HMS Raleigh, I think they are performing it at the next Sod's Opera - I may have to send him in with the video camera :D

Bekka said...

Just wanted to give you a hug!

Take care and keep smiling


don xx said...

hey mary , who's pulled your tail?

Julia said...

Hey Jakey whatever it is stay positive it is the only way to live life. I ahve found that one out. Love your layouts they are always an inspiration to me.
Keep smiling and well done on your weight loss.
Hugs x

lyzzydee said...

Jakey, good luck and lots of love for whatever is in your life at the moment

debby4000 said...

Sending cyber hugs and hope whatever the prob is, sorts itself out.

jo said...

Tons of love and hugs hun xx

Edleen said...

hi Jakey!

wishing you a wonderful February :)

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