Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bringing back the MOJO!

Mojoholder's back!

After a slighly longer break than we'd originally intended due to illness and other family stuff, we're back - with a bang! My lovely friend Laura Godfrey has joined us on the team, so if you love Laura's work - and who doesn't? Then you can now see her take on the lifts every friday night on the mojo blog.

This week we lifted Becky Novacek and it's such a pretty page:

Sarah did us a fantastic sketch:

And here's my take on the layout:

Unfortunately, as is usual with scanned images you tend to lose some of the pretty details. I think Becky used tissue or mulberry paper behind her photo, but I wanted to use a sparkly transparent piece I had, as the picture is of Jenna on Christmas morning kissing her new dolly and her Mum said she loved ripping all the pretty papers up so was trying to get a feel of that :-) I scrunched the piece up to make lines and angles so the light would reflect off them better, and attached it with spray adhesive, scrunching it a bit onto the background. These photos show it a bit better.

We watched the final part of the Anne Frank series last night and I ended up in tears. I think I found it especially moving as we visited her house last year in Amsterdam, and could see it all in my head as I watched it. There was a chilling photograph taken from an upstairs window of an innocent mother with her 3 small kiddies being herded by 7 Gestapo with guns.... it's hard to forget an image like that. Having just read the boy in the striped pyjama's I think i'm feeling a bit sensitive to it all.

Time to read/watch something more cheerful I think, the weather's depressing enough!

Anyway - I have a heap of things to do so enough from me - have a lovely weekend all!
jk xx


Maria said...

Lovely layout.

Fabulous news from yesterdays post. So pleased for Hayley and all her/your family.

Have a fabulous weekend xxx

Julia said...

Great layout Jakey and wonderful news re yesterdays post. Hope you are feeling better now. It looks like you have lots to look forward to. Happy nappy new year!!!!

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