Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How to do Hybrid

There still seems to be some confusions among the less experienced scrappers as to what exactly HYBRID scrapboking is. This is a post I wrote for It's a Creative World today offering some simple explanations and examples of how to do hybrid. Hybrid's fun, and with all the fantastic digital stuff out there on offer I hope my prompt here will persuade you to have a go if you've ever fancied it, but weren't sure how to begin. :-)

Hybrid Scrapbooking

Most scrapbookers these days have had a dabble into the world of digi. Some embrace it, buy and store hundreds of digital kits, papers and elements, and never look back at traditional paper supplies; while some decide ‘it’s too difficult’, ‘too time consuming to learn’, or just feel it’s not for them as they enjoy the tactile lumpy bumpy creative process involved in papercrafting far too much to ever give it up.

Some – like me, decide they want it all, and end up travelling the Hybrid route, taking digital elements and combining them with more traditional materials to make a page that’s a total cross between the two. And all hybrid layouts will vary depending on the techniques used but to be classed as hybrid there has to be at least one digital element, though in it’s simplest sense just adding printed journaling or a frame around a photo or digitally enhancing a photo, perhaps by altering the colour, would mean it could be classified as hybrid – and who among us haven’t used these techniques for years without even thinking about it!

My style of hybrid scrapping however, involves printing digital images out onto card or transparency, cutting them out and adding them to my pages just as I might a shop bought or hand made element. Sometimes I add glitter, or paint or brads or buttons, sometimes I cut two of the same image (or pieces of an image) and mount one atop the other on foam pads for extra dimension, or I might add some stitching – real or faux… really – the possibilities are endless! And it’s fun! You can size the images to whatever size you like and if you’re really clever….. (and I’m not!) You can persuade your CraftRobo to cut them out for you!

My images, sized, printed and ready to cut out. I’ve printed the kebab twice so I can ‘pop’ the mushrooms and tom!

Digi images iacw

My photo, with a fun digital frame added.

Donna and jon pickle iacw

The finished LO

All digital images used on this LO are by Kate Hadfield or Jacque Larsen and available from their store at the Lilypad

Here are a few useful address’s if you want to know more about the hybrid style of scrapping:

There’s heaps of hybrid info out there – just google it!

xx Jakey xx

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