Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm getting there guys

Three steps forward, and two steps back as usual this week... But y'know you can get pretty far on baby steps if you persist... After all the talk about it, I only really started my diet today, although it was meant to start on the 5th..... but Jan's been pretty crap for me so far so I haven't really felt like it... however, I have a few things to look forward to now...! a few things booked up...! and that gives me a bit of motivation ;)

On the work front, i'm ploughing through my DT stuff :-) Ok... maybe not ploughing... but i'm keeping up - and with the pressure i've been under since the new year began, I think i'm doing ok.

I did this last night for January's contest on Magistical Memories and no, the DT are not allowed to win, I just wanted to play along coz it's a fun one!

The rules are that you make a LO using at least one piece of chipboard, and your title has to rhyme. Oh and you can win chippies too - so if you want to have a go what's stopping ya?

Anyway, I used this mag mem sea horse, painted him with 'ocean green' acrylic and blinged him up a bit with silver paint (dry brushed), some stickles and a jewel eye. And those fishies and weed are digi images printed onto acetate, and are from Kate's Fancy Fishies doodles from the lilypad.

In the real world I had me Da on the phone all choked up... no, not because the reds let another chance slip past them (bloody idiots! what are they at??) but to do with Liverpool all the same. You know they were the capitol of culture? well there was this programme on the telly... and he got all emotional, bless him. Daft old scouse... pining for his home town and the old days after all these years.... I don't know, what am I going to do with him...?

Anyways... enough.

more later


Juliana said...

Love your take on the contest! Such a cute LO!

Kate said...

Love the feeling of being under the ocean on this one. Great how you used so many picturesand fab blues and greens

Edleen said...

what a great LO! love the colours :)

i thought i started my diet on January 1st but til now, my weight still hasn't budged!!! hehe...

but all the Best for you on your journey! *hugs*

Paula said...

Sounds a bit like my life right now. Work is great but spanners are constantly in the works making the day run far from smooth & then facing miles of roadworks each end of the day, grrrrr stupid traffic cones, enough to drive anyone to drink!!
Totally love the page, great colours.

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