Friday, January 16, 2009

time to scraplift?

As in... do I have time to scraplift...? Well no, not really, I don't.

TBH, I barely have time to fart anymore.

Not that I would fart... obviously. But it would be nice to have time to if I wanted to, iyswim.

This layout (love the zig zag bottom!) for the mojoholder blog was hurriedly put together today, in between a visit with my Dad, several lengthy phonecalls, and A Trying To Fix The PC Adventure with my technical friend.

Sarah's sketch
My scanned layout - This week we were lifting Sarah Klemish

Magistical Memories : potty people scallop plate

It seems the problem with the PC was an embarrassing one, one i'm almost reluctant to share with the blogging world.

I *cough* have dust.

Actually I have DUST.... DUST....DUST!

I have, to be precise - so much dust that my poor old PC was shutting itself down every five minutes in an attempt to preserve it's own life!

We pulled the machine out and Steve says... " hmm... looks a bit dusty..." And it did, there's no doubt.

So I brought the vac up and Steve hoovered round the case... and then he opened her up. OMG!

The fan was like totally blocked up almost... you've never seen such dust... Now - how did it get in there... and where did it come from???? Eh??

Fortunately Steve knows i'm not much of a housewife. He's been in my scrap room many many times... followed me through the house to get there... so he's seen things. He knows. And if he didn't know before - well, he sure as hell knows now, tee hee!

BUT. The good news is... since all the hoovering - there's been NO shutdowns... Yay! So, if you suddenly start shutting down with no warning, take a tip from me.
Get the hoover out. Works like a charm! All I need to find out now is, does it work with husbands.....? ;-)

Happy days guys... happy days :-)


Sarah Youde said...

OMG Jakey, I just love the way you put things - I was peeing myself (with laughter obv.!!) reading your post :)

Jane said...

PMSL @the husband joke... you've met mine then? ha ha


Anonymous said...

The dust bit really made me giggle, haha.

Jazzabelle x said...

WOW! Doesnt Tildy bum look just like donzo in that pic!! shocking! x

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